No More Open Houses

At Bullfrog we believe times change and with those changes effective methods change.  We have found that the traditional methods that were employed years ago, knocking on doors, cold calling, and even open houses are not very effective; they are reaching so few people.

As a matter of fact, we recommend not doing open houses.  That’s right!  And we don’t do them, because we wouldn’t want them done for our personal homes.  The reason is simple; you’re not reaching a large audience of buyers. People who are coming in, we don’t know who they are, and quite often it’s the wrong buyer.   Agents are fortunate to meet new potential buyers and use that opportunity to try and sell them something else. Is this what people want?  To have their homes used as bait?  We don’t think so.

We reach thousands of potential buyers on a weekly basis, we screen them, have them come into the property, and because of that, we’re bringing qualified people to the properties.  It’s an open house seven days a week.  Because we call and make an appointment whenever we have that buyer, you don’t have to wait and see, are they serious about a home like this?  Of course before they come in they know the price, they know the area, they know everything else.  This is effective marketing.

Bullfrog covers a huge geographic area.  It’s a global world today and at Bullfrog we speak one language, it’s getting you the most money.  So wherever it comes from we’re happy to deliver.

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