Our Values

our values

Our goal at Bullfrog is very simple, it’s your family home, it’s your largest asset, it’s your castle.  If we can get you the most money for your property then it’s going to better your family, and that’s what we want to do.

So we don’t want to leave anything on the table.  We employ strategies to maximise your dollars.  We often have people say if you get something, let me know before anyone else knows.  Well we can’t do that.  We have to expose it to the masses.  And if your offer is the highest, then great.  But if it’s not, we are going to get the highest person to pay because that family worked hard for their home.  And they want to get the most money for it.  Is it a bad thing?  No.  That’s how we would want to be treated, Our clients appreciate that.  It’s not about just selling a home.  We give our clients the absolute best advice that we feel is in their best interest.  They don’t have to take it, but we put it on the table and that way they never come back to us and say why didn’t you tell us this or that when we first met.

What we feel really separates us from the rest is we have a genuine concern for our clients.  At Bullfrog we try to help you make sure that you buy a great investment.  A beautiful home, your going to love it, and enjoy it.  But truly a great investment.  That’s what makes us different.  It’s not just about a sale, but also about a relationship for a long time.  And whenever you think about us, or mention our name, we want you to know we did the absolute best job for you and nothing less.

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