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In choosing a real estate sales representative, what qualifications should you look for in order to obtain the best possible service? Consider the following criteria:

- Is your Real Estate Agent a full time representative or are they part time only
- What level of training, education and experience do they possess
- Remember that 10% of Real Estate Agents sell more than 80% of the homes

- One of the main reasons for hiring a Realtor should be to extensively market your property and to create heightened awareness and exposure of the availability of your property. It is very expensive for an agent to guarantee advertising exposure, but it is even more costly to you if there is little or even worse no exposure at all. Advertising exposure increases the probability of selling your property faster & for a higher price by reaching a much larger group of qualified buyers. It works for large multinationals like Coca-Cola & Nike; and rest assured it also works for the sale of Real Estate.

- What is the cost (rate of commission)??? This is a very important question but it should be asked in conjunction with what will you be doing to sell my property, its fair to say that it costs very little to do nothing. A good decision is based on comparing what you get for your hard-earned dollars and who will net you the highest dollars. As you know you often get what you pay for.

- An agent with a proven record of success and many sales will have more experience and strong negotiation skills. Strong negotiation is extremely important to help get the highest possible price, but also equally important is the ability to prepare paperwork (contracts) in a way that keeps your best interest in mind at all times. This comes with experience; there is no substitute for experience.

- It is important to be a specialist in your field. Ask yourself is this Realtor a well known specialist. When an Agent promotes and advertises extensively, many potential buyers will call that agent when they are ready to buy. Also the buyers will keep a close interest in what the Agent has listed on the market. When you have the attention of a large group of buyers then you have a better chance of finding the right buyer that will appreciate the property that is being sold.

- The Realtor that you choose should employ a support staff in order to offer you more personal and better service, so that they are not tied up with administrative duties or errands but rather have more time to spend with buyers and sellers negotiating. Remember that extra service does not cost any more but it does help in the overall sale of the property.

- A successful Agent will have a strong list of satisfied customers that would recommend the agent with out reservation!


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